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Reseller - give a pair of sustainable shoes new life - see our collection

Give a pair of sustainable shoes new life

Although we try to keep it to a minimum, sometimes some of the shoes we produce end up not being used. For example, we sometimes have shoes that are produced for trying out new designs, for various tests or photo shoots. It can also be kids shoes that are ordered in the wrong size. Although the small feet are thoroughly measured before ordering, there will of course be situations where they do not fit and therefore must be exchanged. Instead of wasting our shoes, we want to give them new life. Find our measuring guide if you want help finding your child's size before ordering.


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Sustainable shoes that fight the shoe waste

On this page you can acquire a pair of 100% sustainable shoes. We have made this reseller section in the shop, where you will find all the shoes that we think are “Too-Good-To-Go”. We do this simply because we are committed to producing sustainable shoes and fighting shoe waste. We live in a throw-away culture and every day many shoes are produced that will never be bought or used. With a pair of sustainable shoes from our reseller page, you help to ensure that our shoes won’t go to waste and that they won’t burden our planet unnecessarily. You can read much more about our ambition about shoe waste - we would love to tell you more about it.


Buy sustainable shoes at a fair price

Since the shoes on our reseller page have been used a few times for one of the above-mentioned purposes, it also means that you can acquire a pair of sustainable shoes at a reasonable price. We have reduced the prices on our sustainable shoes significantly on this page so go get yourself a good deal. Pssst! Did you know that you can get additional discounts in the shop if you send us your old kids shoes? Return your used kids shoes and get a 20 € voucher to, for example, acquire a pair of our sustainable shoes from the reseller section. We call the concept our circle program. As soon as we have received the shoes, we will send you the voucher. We recycle the materials from the shoes in our production or donate them to charity depending on the condition.


We also offer unique kids shoes that you can design yourself in our shop. When you order a pair of our custom made shoes, you are taking an important step in the fight against overproduction. By ordering directly from the factory, we optimize the value chain so that we only produce the shoes that are actually ordered.

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