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Sneakers for kids – Custom kids shoes for a greener planet – see our selection

Unique kids shoes of superior quality

At Pyk Copenhagen, you can buy unique kids shoes that stand out from the crowd – in a good way. We have done our best to create creative and unique designs that you can’t find anywhere else. Explore our many different models and choose the combination of colors and patterns that you prefer. We have sneakers for both boys and girls and our sneakers for kids go from size 25-41 – we have shoes for both small and big kids. We have hi-top and low-top sneakers and you can choose if you want your kids shoes to have laces or velcro, depending on what your child likes.

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Sneakers for kids from Pyk Copenhagen are the perfect solution for parents who want the best for their children. Not only are our shoes available in endless cool designs, but the quality is also top-notch. We have selected the best materials based on what benefits the environment while providing the highest comfort. Also, our sneakers are designed to provide the best support for your child’s feet. If you want to extend the durability of your sustainable shoes, you can see our recommended shoe care products here.


Handmade shoes for a greener planet

When you buy sneakers for kids from Pyk Copenhagen, they are handmade by our shoemaker in Portugal, Marco, and his team. This means that our handmade shoes are made to order so we can avoid mass production. Because the shoes are made to order, it is extra important that you measure the exact size of your child’s feet. In our measuring guide, we guide you through the process. Your handmade shoes are delivered directly to your front door within 10 working days. If the shoes do not fit, you can always exchange or return them. At Pyk Copenhagen, we have 14 days return policy.


Sustainable shoes made from natural materials

At Pyk Copenhagen, we have the ambition to reduce overproduction and shoe waste which unfortunately is a big problem that causes huge environmental damage. Therefore, our sneakers for kids as well as our prewalkers, winter boots, sandals and custom-made kids shoes in our Shoe Builder are made from sustainable materials. This means that all our leather is biodegradable and 100% metal-free. Where it is possible, our soles are made from natural rubber which is extracted from the milky juice from the Hevea tree. Read more about our materials here.

When you buy sneakers for kids from Pyk Copenhagen, you receive them in a reusable shoe box that you can turn inside out and use to storage your things. We really want to minimize the resources we can. Therefore, you can also send us your used kids shoes. We reuse the materials we can use - or we give the shoes to charity. You can read more about our circle program here.

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