Our ambition 

Design your own quality shoes and stop shoe waste

At Pyk, you can design your next children's shoes in our Shoe Builder with your child at your side. All models are handmade from natural materials and delivered within 10 days. And since we only produce the number of shoes that are ordered, we can deliver high quality at a fair price - and together, we can end overproduction of shoes. 🌸

The world is drowning in shoes 🌎

On a global scale, over 65 million pairs of shoes are produced - each day! Unfortunately, many of them never get sold or used before they get thrown out again. Instead, the shoes lie around in shops and stocks or accumulate in our wardrobes with no purpose. That's what we call shoe waste.  👎🏼

This abundance of shoes burdens the environment. In fact, the shoe industry alone is responsible for 1.4% of the world's carbon emissions. This corresponds to 700.000.000.000 kg CO2 each year! This overproduction harms our planet. We need to stop it now. 

The ambition

Our ambition is to re-think the way children's shoes are designed, manufactured and sold to the benefit of your children and our planet. We strive to reduce overproduction and avoid wasted resources throughout the different stages of the shoe. 💜

1) We only produce the shoes that are ordered. Consequently, you get a handmade shoe of high quality and we avoid shoe waste because we don't mass produce. ✌🏼

2) The shoes are produced by natural materials. The shoes are made of biodegradable  and metal-free leather, and many of our soles consist of natural rubber. This way, we take care of our planet. 🌱

3) We re-use materials from used shoes. With our circle program, we can re-use materials from your used shoes when we produce a new pair. This way, we avoid using unnecessary resources. ♻️

Thus, we can spend more resources on what really matters;

good craftsmanship and materials of high quality - at a fair price.

Join our shoe revolution and design your very own children's shoes with your children! ❤️

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