What makes the Danish shoe brand Pyk Copenhagen so special is the fact that you and your child can design your very own unique look. Me make all our shoes from sustainable materials and deliver them directly to your door in just a few days.


“What we want is to give children and parents the opportunity to design their own shoes. With our brand you can play freely with different looks, colours and materials. To make each shoe 100% personal, we even emboss the name of the child on it. We take care of all the technical elements of designing the shoe, such as function and fit,” explains Jessica Polland.


After many years in the traditional shoe industry, Jessica Polland and Ulrik Schultz founded Pyk Copenhagen, believing that it was high time to take an innovative look at children’s shoes.

 Kids Shoes Pyk Copenhagen


Pyk Copenhagen is actively opposed to shoe waste. That is why we only produce the shoes to order and cut out costly middlemen. This enables us to deliver the highest quality at decent prices, while also reducing overproduction.


“Creating your own design is very popular. We love creating individual, unique products for children, and now we can do so with a clear conscience by burdening the planet as little as possible,” says Ulrik Schultz.


Located in Copenhagen, Pyk Copenhagen supplies shoes throughout Europe.